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Anasazi petroglyphs at New Well
This page contains photos of Arizona petroglyphs.       Click on any photo to enlarge.

The New Well site is located 27 miles northeast of St. Johns, Arizona, and just a half mile from the New Mexico border.  The petroglyphs are located on large boulders at the base of a ridge. On the top of the ridge is an Anasazi ruin that dates to the Pueblo III period (AD 1100-1300) with some components dating to the earlier Pueblo II period ,(which began AD 900).   Next 8 photos. Photographs by Jeff Hammond
Anasazi anthropomorphs
horizontal katcina figure on top; the segmented figure with dots may be a corn representation click here to see artistic reproductions of Anasazi and other petroglyphs 
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rock art Anasazi petroglyphs
frog, lizard or toad on left; ??? on right  petroglyph panel
St Johns Arizona new well
  female figure in a possible birth configuration
rock art petroglyphs
Books about Petroglyphs and Rock Art turtle like figure playing a flute; 
part of the panel has broken away due to natural causes
click here to see artistic renditions of fluteplayer & Kokopelli petroglyphs 
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