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  Old Woman Cave  Pictographs & petroglyphs at a shaman's cave in the Old Woman Mountains, eastern Mojave Desert, California. 12 Photographs  December 2007

Anasazi Ridge  A Virgin River Anasazi petroglyph site near St. George, Utah. 10 photographs    June 2007

    Sheep Canyon  Petroglyphs in the Coso Range, near Ridgecrest, California. 10 photographs   May 2007
    Little Blair Valley  A Kumeyaay girls ceremonial pictograph site in the Anza Borrego Desert, California. 10 photographs   April 2007
    Anasazi Ridge  A Virgin River Anasazi petroglyph site near St. George, Utah. 10 photographs   June 2007
Maine Coast Heritage Trust preserves ancient rock carvings in Machiasport
By: Bill Trotter   July 2013  new window

Little Blair Valley  A Kumeyaay girls ceremonial pictograph site in the Anza Borrego Desert, California. 10 photographs    April 2007

Americas old cave paintings found dating back 6000 years ...
By: Victoria Woollaston July 2013  new window
  Lower Butler Wash  A Basketmaker Anasazi petroglyph site on the San Juan River, Utah. 12 photographs     December 2006
Maine Site of Wabanaki Petroglyphs to be protected
By: MPBN  July 2013
  new window
  Picture Canyon  A Mohave rock art site near the Colorado River in Needles, California. 9 Photographs   November 2006
Korean petroglyphs at risk by reservoir
By: unnamed  June 2013  new window
  Arrastre Spring  An interesting site in the Panamint Mountains high above Death Valley, California.  10 Photographs   June 2006
Site close to protect petroglyphs
By: Devan Schwartz  June 2013 
new window
  Indian Well  A multi cultural petroglyph site in Lanfair Valley, California. 10 Photographs  February 2006
See hundreds of petroglyphs at McConkie Ranch
By: Louise R Shaw June 2013  new window
  Renegade Canyon  Largest petroglyph concentration in North America located in the Coso Mountain Range, near Ridgecrest, California. 14 photographs   Revised July 2005
Legislation would preserve Nevada's chunk of the Grand Canyon
By: Karoun Demirjian May 2013  new window
  Selby Rocks  A Chumash and Yokut pictograph site on the Carrizo Plain, California.  10 Photographs    August 2006
Petroglyphs stolen from sacred
eastern Sierra site recovered
By: L.A.Times  February 2013  new window
  Nine Mile Canyon  A major Utah site with rock art from the Fremont, Anasazi and Ute Cultures.  April 2006
Montana State Park pictographs
fall from cave wall
By: Assoc. Press January 2013  new window
  Painted Rock Resevoir  A mid size Hohokam rock art and solstice site near Gila Bend, Arizona.  10 Photographs  March 2006
Determining Rock Art Deteriation Through Time
By: Mark Willis
December 2012  
new window
  Coyote Hole  A Serrano petroglyph site near Joshua Tree, California. 10 Photographs  January 2006
Vandals deface ancient Idaho
pictographs in park
Assoc. Press  December 2012  new window
  Hanging Mesa  A few dozen Archaic hunter/gatherer petroglyphs superimposed by Numic Scratch Style at Hanging Mesa, Nevada.  8 photographs 
December 2005
Did Neandertals Paint Early Cave Art?
By: Michael Balter  June 2012  
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  Mule Tank  A small Yuman and Chimehuevi petroglyph in the eastern desert near Blythe, California.  8 photographs  October 2005
Tribes join forces to save petroglyph site
By: Pauline Arrillaga  January 2012
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Atlatl Cliff  An archaic Pinto Culture petroglyph site near Little Lake, California.  6 photographs  September 2005

Stolen petroglyph returns to canyon
after rocky journey
By: Carri Geer Thevenot  July 2011  new window

Corn Spring  A Desert Cahuilla and Yuman petroglyph site west of Blythe, California.  10 photographs   August 2005

Shaman whalers of ancient Kodiak island
By: frontierscientists  June 2011 
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Ayer's Rock Pictographs  Located on a large boulder near Coso Junction, California. 5 photographs  Revised June 2005

"Dinosaur" petroglyphs at Kachina Bridge
site... SE Utah; not dinosaurs after all
By: Phil Senter and Sally J. Cole
March 2011
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  Death Valley  Panamint Mountains petroglyphs at the north end of Death Valley, California. 11 photographs    June 2005
Giant geoglyphs under threat by Californian solar projects  February 2011  new window   Baja Rock Art  Petroglyphs & pictographs at three Northern Baja rock art sites near Cataviña, BC. El Palmarito, La Bocana, San Fernando Velicata. 16 photographs  March 2005 
Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site
August 2010   
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Greenwater Canyon  Archaic Desert Culture petroglyphs in Greenwater canyon, Death Valley, California.  10 photographs    January 2005

Petroglyphs in southeast Alaska
By: Bonnie Demerjian  October 2009 
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Blue Sun Cave  Kumeyaay and Northern Diegueno pictographs at Indian Hill, near Ocotillo, California. 10 photos  April 2004

The Colombian rock art spiral. A shamanic tunnel?
By: Harry Andrew Marriner  Nov 2008  

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Black Tank Wash  Archaic and Numic pictographs and petroglyphs in the Cinder Cone Volcanic Field, near Baker, California. 12 photographs   March 2004

Thousands Of Humans Inhabited New World's
Doorstep For 20,000 Years
Science Daily   February 2008 
new window
  New Well  An Anasazi ruin located 27 miles Northeast of St. Johns, Arizona. 8 photographs
Rock Art Vandalism
by: Donald Austin
  Sheep Springs  Located in a small boulder field in the El Paso Mountains, California. 12 photographs  Revised May 2005
ARTICLES   Chevelon Creek Sinagua and Anasazi rock art southeast of Winslow, Arizona. 8 photographs
Sounds and Symbolism from the Netherworld: Acoustic Archaeology at the Animal Master’s Portal  
By: Alan P Garfinkel & Steven J Waller
  Inscription Canyon  Black Mountain area, a petroglyph site northwest of Barstow California. 11 photographs  Revised August 2004
Columbian Mammoth Petroglyphs from the
San Juan River near Bluff, Utah, USA

By: Ekkehart Malotki
& Henry Wallace  PDF  
  Howe's Tank  Desert Culture (Serrano, Shoshone et al) petroglyphs in the lava flows in the Mojave Desert east of Barstow, California. 12 photographs   June 2004
The Stahl Site Petroglyphs
By: Donald Austin
  Steam Well   A Kawaiisu petroglyph site near Red Mountain, California. 10 photographs.  February 2004
The Coso Sheep Cult of Eastern California
By: Alan Garfinkel
  Surprise Tank  An easy to visit site in the Rodman Mountains, east of  Barstow, California. 6 photographs
Death Valley's Other Moving Rocks
By: Geron Marcom

Black Canyon  The Black Knoll section, northwest of Barstow, California. 8 photographs

Dating the Coso Range Projectile Point Petroglyphs
By: Alan Garfinkel & J. Kenneth Pringle


Using Decorrelation Stretch to
Enhance Rock Art Images
By: Jon Harman Ph.D.
The Terese Petroglyph Site
By: Alan Garfinkel



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