Top 10 Countries Where People Live the Longest

Life expectancy rate speaks volumes about the quality of life and healthcare of a certain country. It refers to the average age a person born in a specific country is expected to reach before death based on massive accumulated data from citizens as a whole. The latest data published by the World Health Organization is in May 2016. Here are the top 10 countries where people of both sexes are living their lives to the fullest:

9. France and Sweden – 82.4 Years Old

It is amazing how France is still composed of healthy people despite the demand of restaurants here. Most of the country’s staple dishes are also high in saturated fat. However, France remains one of the countries with the lowest cases of cardiovascular and coronary diseases. Studies show that the French’s lifestyle of frequently drinking wine has a significant effect with the country’s life expectancy rate. The safest way to drink plenty of wine is just two or three glasses every day.

Sweden, on the other hand, may have struggled in the past years because of negative economic changes affecting their healthcare systems among other things, but most people there still live longer than those living in other countries. Consistently being the country with the lowest number of smokers has a lot to do with why Swedes stay on top when it comes to getting older than most.

8. Israel – 82.5 Years Old

There are three major factors why Israeli men and women live longer than most countries: location, religion and military training. The trend with locations along a coast is having a healthier population. Added by the strict lifestyle of their religion, Israelis are meant to age gracefully. When it comes to men, joining military service contributes even more to the established life expectancy of the population. Physical training to join the military and continuous exercise in the service is always intense, leading to a few cases of medical conditions among Israeli men.

6. Italy and Iceland – 82.7 Years Old

What’s interesting about Italy is that the small difference of lifestyle between social classes there has a big impact on why gathered data resulted to the country having the sixth highest life expectancy rate in the world. One example is reliance on the Mediterranean diet which spans all Italian social classes. Italians love to cook fresh everything – fish, vegetables and fruits. So, their animal fat intake is lesser than most countries. Italian cuisine also uses plenty of olive oil which is healthy. Another factor is that people in the beautiful country of Italy don’t usually do binge drinking because they normally pair meals with wine.

Despite the economic downturn of Iceland decades ago, the country managed to catch up and maintain a wealthy government – hence stable programs for public health and high-quality healthcare. It also has a low rate of drinkers and smokers since the 1980s. When it comes to diet, Icelanders love to eat fresh coldwater fish which is one of the healthiest food. They also prefer to eat meat from free-grazing animals, obviously untouched by medicine and other artificial enhancers. All around the world, they are known as a friendly and peaceful bunch. They love to mingle with other people in public hot tubs to have fun, relax and soak in warm water, which is beneficial for the skin, muscles and overall well-being.

4. Spain and Australia – 82.8 Years Old

The biggest factors why Spanish people live longer are healthy diet and strong family ties. Like Italians, the typical Spanish diet involves Mediterranean dishes that contain a lot of olive oil, fresh fish, salads and fruits. Cases of heart disease and different types of cancer only come in small numbers. If ever a relative gets sick, Spanish families really make sure to cook healthy and fresh meals for the unfortunate one. Then, they take care of their relative until everything is okay. That’s why patients there can easily recuperate.

Meanwhile, the dominant contributor to why Australia is recognized as a country with high life expectancy rate is the population living in or near the Australian Capital Territory. Residents there undergo high-quality education resulting to high-paying jobs. The area also has state-of-the-art healthcare. The average income of people there is more than enough to spend for medical care. Interestingly, Australians in the ACT are mostly government workers. So, they are not exposed to jobs that require unhealthy amount of time and effort.

3. Singapore – 83.1 Years Old

The rich country of Singapore has a high life expectancy rate because it works hard for it. Singaporeans make sure to continue with excellent health services and programs, especially for mothers and children to prevent diseases as kids grow old. Another thing about Singapore’s healthcare is the encouragement of natural preventive measures against diseases such as exercise and herbs. When it comes to health and wellness, everything is high-quality and accessible in Singapore.

2. Switzerland – 83.4 Years Old

High-quality lifestyle, healthcare system and happiest population are the strongest points of Switzerland. The Swiss are consistently known around the world to be the happiest and most united people. When it comes to work, they don’t work long hours and file for overtime. They also prioritize lunch breaks and not working on Sundays, which is proven by a lot of closed shops.

Switzerland is heaven on earth for mothers. Working mothers get to rest at least 14 weeks after child delivery because of the country’s generous maternity leave program. Another thing, the Swiss love to walk everywhere. Streets in the country are very friendly for pedestrians.

1. Japan – 83.7 Years Old

For how many years, Japan is always known to be the country with the highest life expectancy rate compared to other developed countries. It is given that Japan has an excellent healthcare system because of how wealthy it is. New studies preferred to focus on the fact that Japanese eat the healthiest and most balanced meals. Japanese diet is mainly composed of fish, lean meat, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates mostly coming from rice. It is low in processed ingredients and saturated fats.

The Japanese government itself pushes healthy diet to all the citizens because it really created a comprehensive diet plan for the whole country to follow back in 2005. Everything is balanced in the diet plan: dairy and soy products, eggs, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, grains – even sweets and alcohol! The result? A country almost free from cardiovascular diseases.

Final Thoughts

Looking back at the reasons why people live longer, living a long life is really not about how developed and high-technology your country’s healthcare system is. It all comes down to discipline and positive outlook in life. Stress is also a big contributor to diseases. As you can see, many countries in the list have perfect work-life balance and united population.